Grundtvig  08-GRU-C-LP-117-CL-RO

Project title: Weblog for Supporting the Migrants Integration

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Description of the project:

The “Weblog for Supporting the Migrants Integration” project is the result of cooperation in the virtual space of 3 teams coming from 4 European Institutions during the last two months. Beside the fact that we are representing the southern areas of four European Countries, another similarity is the working forces migration. As per today image, roughly Romania is the migration supplier and Spain, Italy and Greece are the host countries. Our partnership is dedicated to the disadvantaged category of migrants, especially to the low education level, without high skills, willing to integrate quicker in the local communities in Italy and Spain. Mainly, the leaving migrants left behind in Romania low level income families, children in grandparents or relatives care or old parents in needs. Both for the migrants and the remaining families/relatives it is a frequently issue the lack of communication. Our project is meant top put in common the specialist experience in adult education from all four partners in order to offer working tools to the adults representing the migrants and their families. Thus, we are creating a virtual space for communication, information and learning, we are producing the educational package “Survival Kit” and organise intercultural exchange programs.


  • To provide a web-based, bottom-up but well-structured and multi-lingual service at European level for peer-to-peer exchange of experiences of migrants containing all the interesting aspects of migration like motivation, social issues, communication and cultural issues…etc.
  • To facilitate migrants communication with their families from the native countries (children, grandparents, relatives, a.s.o) using ICT tools (weblog)
  • To promote learning of basic language competences for the migrants in the receiving (host) country
  • To set the basis for the migrants and theirs families to acquire basic skills in ICT
  • To facilitate the intercultural exchanges between local community representatives and migrants.


  • As.I.P.- ODL Center Călăraşi – România
  • City Hall Călăraşi
  • SCIENTER ESPAÑA – Granada, Spain

The project team:

  • The project team from România:
    Micescu Klaus Nicolae - Administrative coordination
    Micescu Vergilica - Technical coordination
    Georgescu Valeriu – Survival Kit contents (italian and spanish contents)
    Scarlat Ilona – Survival Kit contents (english contents)
    Vlad Liliana – Psychological counsellor for weblog
    Olaru Adriana - Weblog development responsible
  • The project team from Spain:
    Sulovska Petra – Technical and administrative coordination
    Muñoz Castro Miguel Ángel – Weblog design responsible
    Esteban Begoña - Mobilities and meetings organisation
    Lubián Graña Carlos – Survival Kit contents (spanish contents)
  • The project team from Italy:
    Candela Impastato Giussepa – Technical and administrative coordination
    Capodici Rossella – Survival Kit contents (italian contents)
    Noto Serena – Survival Kit contents (italian contents)
    Ficarrota Pietro – English communication support