As.I.P. ODL Center Călăraşi through supporting the project “Weblog for Supporting the Migrants Integration” planned to be a support for children, parents and grandparents affected by migration, facilitating their communication through it.

So, on 9th of October 2009 took place at Călăraşi Credis Center, a meeting with 10 students of Călăraşi city whose parents are gone to work abroad, together with 9 tutors/ grandparents and 2 teachers. Participants in the activity have viewed web site, talked with members of the project about the importance of communication, about the advantages of communication on the Internet.

They have identified the necessary data to facilitate the link of the children with their parents who work in particular in Italy and Spain through this weblogformigrants, after discussion which have been took with each participant. After talks with the participants it was identified a real need to communicate on that path virtual via this weblog.

It was much excitement, given by the special situation in which children are, with grandparents in whose care they remained.

People involved in project together with participants at the meeting agreed to meet once a week, until the end of the project, for communication between family members, strengthening relations and encouraging cooperation with other community „actors” (teachers, officials of the city, NGOs, etc.) for efficient harmonious development of the children by the aid of the weblog.

December 2009: Symposium Grundtvig – Dissemination of project

”Weblog for Supporting the Migrants Integration”

TV reportage – Antena 1 Călărași