As.I.P.-ODL Center Călăraşi/România is involved in providing Lifelong Learning courses for the adults in Călăraşi county, e.g.: Foreign languages (English, French, German, Italian), ICT, Basic accounting, Cisco courses. The above mentioned courses are held in partnership and with certification of Lifelong Learning Department of Bucharest University and the learners are booth employed and unemployed persons. AsIP-ODL Center is also providing courses for preschool children and students. With the courses and the Summer Workshops occasions the AsIP-ODL tutors and teachers find out that about 15 % of the pupils coming to our center are in their grandparents and/or relatives care due to the fact that the parents are abroad as temporary workers. Our initiative to present a collection of pictures showing the Summer Workshops activities was appreciated by the emigrant parents ( It worth to mention that there were cases when adults and children came to the Center for Italian and English tuition as a prerequisite to temporary migration to Italy and UK. We’ve received during the last month request for Spanish and Greek basic tuition but we have not the corresponding tutors. Based on our co-operation with some schools in Călărași County we’ve find out about the growing communication need between the parents went abroad for working purposes and the children/grandparents and relatives staying in Călărași. The most relevant part is belonging to group with risk of social exclusion, e.g. farmers, unemployed persons resulting from the Iron and Steel Company shutdown.


SCIENTER ESPAÑA/Spain is a research centre and service provider organisation, active in the field of education and learning that was created as a Limited Company at the beginning of 1.999. SCIENTER ESPAÑA is based in Granada (Spain) and builds on the SCIENTER operational office active in Granada since 1996 and it counts on the experience provided by its main partners: SCIENTER in Bologna (Italy) and the University of Granada.
Scienter España has actively participated in several Socrates actions and regionally funded projects (Junta de Andalusia, Spain) focused on action-research to help migrants and the professionals that aid them to be better prepared.
Spain is one of the major destinies of Romanian immigration and this trend is growing in the last years. They are the most vulnerable group of population in facing unemployment and there is also a problem of cultural integration and xenophobia. The regional government is promoting intercultural policies to face this problem but the Associations have a lot to say about it.

CENTRO DI EDUCAZIONE PERMANENTE is located near Palermo but has projects and contacts with a lot of national associations spread all over Italy. It is an association whose aims focus on lifelong learning as well as professional and cultural education. We offer different services that include support for immigrants and their families such as job research, professional development, language improvement, but also national and volunteering services for disadvantaged people.